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Ratios, proportions, percents, rates

  • Percent as a fraction or decimal

    • Write Percents and Decimalspreviewdownload
    • Write Percents and Fractionspreviewdownload
    • Benchmark Percentspreviewdownload
    • Percents Greater Than 100% and Less Than 1%previewdownload
    • Understand Percentpreviewdownload
    • Find Percent and Decimal Equivalentspreviewdownload
    • Equivalents for Fractionspreviewdownload
  • Percent of a number

    • Find Percent of a Numberpreviewdownload
    • Find the Percent One Number Is of Anotherpreviewdownload
    • Find the Number When the Percent Is Knownpreviewdownload
    • Percent of Increasepreviewdownload
    • Percent of Decreasepreviewdownload
    • Discountspreviewdownload
    • Sales Taxpreviewdownload
    • Commissionpreviewdownload
    • Simple Interestpreviewdownload
    • Mixed practice: Percentspreviewdownload
    • Find Percent of a Numberpreviewdownload
    • Solve Problems with Percentpreviewdownload
  • Percent, concept and model

    • Understand Percentpreviewdownload
    • Understand Percentpreviewdownload
    • Find Percent and Decimal Equivalentspreviewdownload
  • Proportion, scale

    • Understand Proportionpreviewdownload
    • Write Proportions with Unknownspreviewdownload
    • Solve Proportionspreviewdownload
    • Scale Drawingspreviewdownload
    • Similar Figurespreviewdownload
    • Use a Mappreviewdownload
    • Use Proportions to Solve Problemspreviewdownload
  • Rate

    • Three-Variable Equationspreviewdownload
    • Applications: Ratios and Ratespreviewdownload
  • Ratio

    • Ratios and Equivalent Fractionspreviewdownload
    • Write Ratiospreviewdownload
    • Equal Ratiospreviewdownload
    • Applications: Ratios and Ratespreviewdownload
    • Understand Ratiospreviewdownload
    • Understand Equal Ratiospreviewdownload
  • Unit cost

    • Find Unit Cost and Better Buyspreviewdownload
    • Consumer Applications: Unit Pricingpreviewdownload
    • Consumer Applications: Bulk Ratespreviewdownload
    • Algebra/Functions: Unit Costs and Better Buyspreviewdownload
    • Find Unit Costspreviewdownload

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