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Fun Kindergarten Math App for iTunes A Virtual Math Coach.

MathCoach® Interactive is brought to you by CSL Associates, Inc., an educational publisher headquartered in California. Our goal is to provide you with a virtual math coach whenever and wherever you need one.

MathCoach® Interactive is based on a proven, effective textbook series for Grades K–6: MathCoach®, Success with MathCoach® and MathCoach® Intervention.

K5 Math Resources for the Internet.

Thinking outside the book, we now bring you the best practices in math instruction for the internet. Our content specialists, along with a highly dedicated team of engineers, programmers, and animation artists, are developing new, on-line math resources to help ensure that every learner has the support he and she needs to become skillful at mathematics.

Interactive Math Lessons and Worksheets.

MathCoach® Interactive offers a blend of instructional practicesexplicit instruction, interactive lessons, virtual manipulatives, and adaptive independent practice – so that each student can follow an individual learning path adapted to his and her learning needs and skill levels.

MathCoach® Interactive is versatile. Use it on interactive white boards, individual computers, or any mobile device. And, of course, the content is aligned to the new Common Core Standards for mathematics.

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